"Beaches and Bunkers"
is  a trip of a lifetime 
for individuals, couples, your foursome, 
your family, your friends. 
This is an opportunity for every Canadian to
honour our country's past, our fathers and grandfathers... and play the game we love.

First, a quick story:
My father landed on those beaches. He was a 'Gunner', commanding one of three batteries of 25 lb. guns in the 6th Field Regiment, 2nd Canadian Division. I never learned anything of his experiences when I was a kid except that, as a scratch golfer,  he carried his good luck three iron throughout the war! When he couldn't play anymore in his mid-70s, he rode in a cart while I played. During these rounds I began to ask him 'what happened?' On the 50th Anniversary of D-Day we went back to the beach, and then followed his footsteps of 1944-45 thru France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. A few years later, at the age of 87, Dad wrote his stories in "Ubique - a Gunner's story".  He died ten years ago. I treasure the book and the experience.

But so many Canadians don't know what happened to their fathers, grandfathers & uncles 'over there'. 

"Beaches and Bunkers" is for those who want to learn the story of our vets' experience in 1944-45. And it's for those who want to enjoy the company of others who are learning too... while we play the game our fathers and grandfathers loved.

"Beaches and Bunkers" is:
  • An escorted nine day tour of France and  Belgium and covering key '39-'45 locations and battles.... PLUS Vimy and other highlights.... PLUS four games of golf (if you're a golfer!)
  • For the sons and daughters, granddaughters and grandsons of  the soldiers who landed on Juno Beach
  • Free afternoons to wander key sites... like Dieppe, the Bayeux tapestry etc.
  • Wonderful  group dinners  meeting local officials who warmly welcome 'The Canadians'
  • Golf clubs provided. Just bring your shoes and your favourite 'can't be lost' ball!
  • Connecting with like-minded Canadians who have a thirst to know what happened 70 years ago... who also love the game of golf 

Our itinerary

JUNE 21   Depart Canada for Paris

 Thank you to these organizations who want their members to experience a unique golf holiday!

And finally... why?
Lt. Col. RE Lucy, MC, MBE, CD
and me.

My name is Robb Lucy, and I'm the son of a Canadian vet. I took my father back to the beaches of Normandy for the 50th Anniversary, and we followed the 'tour' he took 50 years earlier. This time he used his three iron as a cane. We visited many of the spots where his experiences scarred him, shaped his character and  confirmed his philosophy of life. I'm pleased to see so many of us at our local cenotaphs each November 11,  but saddened so few really understand what happened 70 years ago. May this tour be an admonition for you not to let the stories of your parents and grandparents disappear. These experiences forged their tools for life. And it is with those tools they raised us.

You can leave a comment below for everyone to see. Or if you want a private answer, please email me at rlucy at eyelearner dawt cawm.

And please leave a message just below here where it says "Comments". Let others know you're coming... and why you like the mix of 'Honour' and 'Play'?